1- How can I apply for a house?

Visit our website and view our listings. Once your pick your desired house, request a virtual tour and you will receive a link to the tour and to complete an Online Application.

2- What is the TERM of lease?

Term of lease is the duration of your lease which is 11 months and 20 days but your payment covers 12 months. Those additional 10 days are the time needed to prepare the house for you after previous tenants and for new tenants after you.

3- How Much is the Security Deposit?

The security deposit equals 2 months rent.

4- How will my Security Deposit be used?

It covers damage to the house, fines by the City of College Park and any outstanding balance according to your lease agreement.

5- How do I pay rent?

You need to set up a free, local checking account at Bank of America. All moneys should be in by the 15th in order for any out-of-state checks to clear by the 1st. All money must be in the account and have cleared to be taken out after midnight on the 4th.  Any paper checks should be sent to College Housing LLC at 10075 Tyler Ct. STE 10, Ijamsville, MD 21754. Watch this video on how to set up Bill Pay with Bank of America.

6- What are my payment options?

You have two options to pay:
1- Bill Pay through Bank of America
2- One single local check sent to<
College Housing LLC
10075 Tyler Ct. STE 10,
Ijamsville, MD 21754.

7- How do I set up utilities?

You need to call the utilities to get them in someone’s name in your house.
HINT: When you call they often do a quick credit check and can ask for a deposit if they want.  We recommend going through the names in your house till you find someone that they don’t request a deposit for.
Water – WSSC – 301.206.4001.  For this you just need to give them a name for the person and contact info.  There is already an account, you are just adding your name.
Electric – Pepco – 202.833.7500.  You will need to start a new account as of June 1st.   Of course, you are welcome to use a different supplier for this and gas, if you choose to.
Gas – Washington Gas – 703.750.1000.  Like electric, you will need to start a new account starting June 1st.
Internet/Cable – You may want to see what the current tenants are doing.  If you have any type of installation done, someone must be there and make sure they don’t do a sloppy job, i.e. run a wire across a door instead of going around a door frame.

8- How do I submit maintenance requests?

Login to your online resident account and submit your maintenance request. For life-threatening emergencies, please call 911.

9- Who can I contact during a maintenance emergency?

During maintenance emergencies such as no heat or a flood, you can contact us through our text messaging system. If you smell gas, get everyone outside the house and call 911.

10- How to sign-up for my online resident account?

You will receive a Move-in Information email with directions to how to setup your online account. If you need any assistance, please let us know at contact@localhost

12- How can I use the messaging system?

You will receive an activation code to the phone number you gave us on your application. You will be able to activate your messaging account by replying with the code sent to you. If you don’t receive a code, let us know at contact@localhost

13- How to avoid late fees?

Your rent is due on the 1st of the month. Rent after the 5th day is subject to a 5% late fee. If sending a check, give yourself enough time as out-of-state checks can take up to 10 business days to be cleared.

14- Can I waive late fees?

You may be eligible for a one-time courtesy fee waiver depending on the situation.

15- Can I have pets?

No. Pets cause costly damage to the house. No pets will be allowed. No expectations!. You can be fined 50 dollars per day if a pet is found on the premises at any time for any reason.

16- What can the city of CP fine me for?

The City of College Park has a code enforcement patrol officers looking for violations. All fines will be the responsibility of the tenants. If the landlord is fined due to the actions of the tenants, the tenants will be financially responsible.
The City of College Park may fine you for:
1- Trash & recycling violations
2- Noise violations
3- Parking violations
Any violations to the Code of the City of College Park.

17- What can my landlord fine me for?

The landlord can fine you for violating any of the terms of agreement in your lease. You may also be fined for violating the Code of the City of College Park.

18- What is the trash collection schedule?

Trash is picked up once a week. They have to be put out and must be in those green toters or recycle bins. If you forget it, you can attract ants, bugs, rats, and could be fined by the city and us.

19- Will I be responsible for the house rent even if I paid my portion?

All occupants are equally responsible financially and we can attempt to collect any debt from any or all of you even if you paid your portion as long as there is still an outstanding balance.

20- When will I receive my security deposit?

Your security deposit is due back to you 45 days after your move-out.

21- How do you use the walk-in/out videos?

We do a detailed walk-in video on move-in day and another walk-out video on move-out day to document the condition of the house before and after your move. This will determine how much, if any, we deduct from your security deposit.

22- Can I renew my lease at the end of the term?

Yes, we may offer you a renewal of lease if you were in good standing with the lease terms.

23- What are the rules of having guests over?

You have the same rights as homeowners. People cannot come to your home unannounced. You shouldn’t have anyone come in without prior notice. If we need to access the property for maintenance, we will let you know ahead of time.

24- Can I BBQ?

Yes. in the backyard only. No BBQ is allowed in the front yard or any place that could cause a fire.

25- Is subletting allowed?

For information on subletting, please review Item 47. Assignment, Sublet, and Use in your lease agreement.

26- Can I end my lease early?

Under limited circumstances you may be able to end your lease early and only with approval from the landlord and College Housing management.

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